Off-Campus Living: Must meet the following requirements and be approved by the Vice President for Student Services:

  1. Be 22 years of age or
  2. Taking less than 6 credit hours, or
  3. Have earned a bachelor's degree, or
  4. Live with immediate family (parents, grandparents, siblings over 24 years of age, with no opposite gender housemates, in an established residence), or
  5. Living with a Southwestern Adventist University Faculty or Staff Member or
  6. Also required are the following: parental/guardian consent, achieved a minimum of 90 credit hours, be in good citizenship standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Exceptions for off-campus residence are to be requested using the petition form below for every term that you wish to live off campus. Once completed and submitted, your request will be considered by the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. You will be notified, via university email, when a decision has been reached.

* Required